Aultragem Crystal Clearcoat Kit (2K Compliant Express)

  • Hi Quality Acrylic based clearcoat.
  • Suitable for Air Dry and all drying applications
  • Quick drying and easy to polish.
  • Leaving a brilliant and Durable Gloss
  • Ideal for use on smaller areas

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Aultragem Lightweight body Filler

  • A superb lightweight filler using innovative Nano technology.
  • Excellent adhesion to all metal surfaces
  • No Pin holing and with easy sand properties

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Aultragem Primer Kit

  • Excellent 5:1 Hi Build Primer
  • Good through cure properties
  • Easy sand
  • Excellent Infra-Red cure results
  • Available in Grey, Black and white to ease process times.

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Aultragem Fibreglass Filler

  • Recommended for use in the repair of large dents or holes.
  • Strong adhesion to all metal surfaces whilst remaining elastic.

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Aultragem Diamond Clearcoat

  • Hi Quality Compliant Acrylic Based Clearcoat
  • Short baking time with a High Gloss retention
  • Baking time can be reduced to 8 – 10 mins with the use of express reducer.

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