470 Glass Fibre Filler with tube of hardener

Product Description: 2K polyester filler for vehicle body repairs.
VOC content for the mixture is 115 g/l
The VOC is below 250g/l. Therefore this product meets EU directive (2004/42/EC) which sets the VOC value for this product category (IIB(b)), as 250g/l

Can be used over bare steel and aluminium after flatting and degreasing, zinc coated, Galvanized steel, wood substrate – after flatting and degreasing. Also sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester fillers, works primers and existing coatings in good condition. Do not apply filler directly on the reactive primers, 1K acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

Good filling properties, quick hardening. Strong adhesion to metal..Good hardness and elasticity. Coarse sanding (dry) – P80 – P120. Finishing sanding (dry) – P120 – P240

Pre- Treatment: Must be applied on a thoroughly degreased substrate. Colour: Grey green.

Good for filling large dents and holes in vehicles.


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100 parts Glass Fibre Filler by WEIGHT
2 parts Glass Fibre hardener by WEIGHT
Stir well to achieve a homogenous paste. Take care not to add air.

5– 6 minutes @ 20°C

The Glass Fibre filler can be applied in several thin coats. Allow to dry between coats. Sand each coat before putting on the next coat.

14-16 minutes at 20oC
Temperatures below 20oC significantly increases the hardening time.

Can be over-coated with 2k polyester fillers, 2k polyester spraying fillers, 2k acryl or epoxy fillers.
Excessive amounts of hardener will cause problems with bleaching of the topcoat.

Rooms should be well ventilated. Wash tools straight after use. Use PPE during application. Protect eyes and air passages.

Store in sealed container, in dry cool place away from fire and heat sources and direct sunlight. Close container after application. Protect hardener from overheating.



For professional use only. Always consult the MB Coatings Health and Safety data sheets. Always read the risks and precautions stated on the product label.

The information contained in these pages is not intended to be exhaustive, and all persons using the product without first obtaining confirmation for MB Coatings as to the suitability of the product for the intended use, does so at their own risk. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information given about the product (whether in this sheet or otherwise) is correct, we have no control over the quality or condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application of the product. Therefore, unless we specifically agree to do so, we do not accept any liability arising out of use of the product. All information contained in this sheet is liable to modification from time to time, and we reserve the right to change the product in accordance with our policy of continuous product development. Glass Fibre filler 12 months shelf life from date of manufacture, the hardener is 18 months from date of manufacture.